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The World War II Wiki is a wiki dedicated to making the best source of WWII information anywhere on the web. Currently, there are about 12 active users and editing is constant. There is also a newsletter and a book review section. Book Reviews can be done by anyone and the newsletter gets updated usually every two weeks or couple of days. Policies are not very strict and users are always open to help requests. The wiki covers every weapon, vehicle, aircraft, ship that was used and also some that were in development. It also includes every battle that took place and important people along with famous ones. Companies that powered the waring nations are welcome and special chemicals, minerals, etc are part of the history just as everything else. The wiki is even planning to include some prewar conflicts like the invasion of Manchuria. The wiki needs some more help to help build a solid structure in terms of community and information, but it is not in desparate need of repair.
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This wiki is active. It has all the basics that a wiki needs. It has good content, but still has room to grow. Would you like to help?
This wiki has a significant number of pages, active contributors and at least one administrator. It's got good content. With some more work it could become a truly superior wiki.
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