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This Wikia is designed to display generally positive information about towns and cities -- places you've lived, played, or worked.

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The Towns, Villages and Cities wikia, called Cities for short, is about places where people congregate... everything from a small village to a metropolitan city.


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Before Wikia had its current name, it was originally founded as Wikicities. That name led to much confusion when people thought all the wiki in Wikicities were about cities. This wiki was set-up, in part, to give the people who wanted to write about where they live a place to do so. As one of the first Wikicities/Wikia and one that attracts new wiki editors, it has suffered from the lack of experience. It has also attracted many people from around the globe and the lack of English writing skills is also apparent. However despite some drawbacks, it continues to attract contributors who want to write about the places they live and the people who live there.

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This wiki is active, but at a fairly "light" level.
The low level of activity or smaller size of this wiki may be because it's new. Or perhaps it's an older wiki that's been growing slowly over time. Either way, it could use additional contributors, would you like to help?
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