The Grammar wiki has tips about when to use some words that people often confuse (like their, there or they're), punctuation and other topics related to grammar. You can use it to learn or to write about the things that other people frequently use incorrectly. Have fun! (Please remember some grammar rules vary over time or by location.)

Inactive, adoptable wiki
This wiki is basically inactive. Activity over the past months is virtually non-existance with the exception of spam or other non-contributing edits.
If you'd like to "adopt" this wiki, start by demonstrating interest and ability by contributing to it for a couple of weeks. (See the adoption requests page on the Central Wikia for more information.) Then request to adopt it.
Secondary hub
This wiki has a primary listing in another Wikia hub. This listing under the Lifestyle hub is secondary. As a result, some of the statistics for the wiki will be on that hub rather than this Lifestyle hub.

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